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Bookish Collaborations

I have lived a thousand lives
I have loved a thousand loves
I have... made a thousand earrings??

I am thrilled to announce several upcoming collaborations with my favorite indie book authors! My aim is to create a collection of unique accessories that will be inspired by your literary style. These collaborations will not just empower you to celebrate the authors you already love, but also to find new talented writers you enjoy and want to support! I'm hopeful that this is a chance to be part of a movement that champions creativity and empowers storytellers.

So -- stay tuned for the release of the F+F x Indie Author collaboration collections! You'll find earrings that whisper tales, bookmarks that transport you to new worlds, keychains that celebrate the power of storytelling, and other swag that will ignite your imagination and literary spirit. I'm so excited to embark on this new journey where small-shop jewelry and indie literature collide 🎉