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Small magnets pose a choking hazard and should never be swallowed or inserted into any part of the body. For safety purposes, we include this warning to deter children from using/handling small magnets as they can be dangerous. Small magnets are considered a choking hazard that can result in death and should be treated as such. When confirming your order, you become fully responsible for the safety of children, animals, and anyone else who comes into contact with these magnets.

For more information on magnet safety, please refer to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's News Release and Magnets Information Center webpages linked below.

1. 16 CFR Part 1262

2. News Release

3. Magnets Information Center

“I did," a chipper voice came. "Name's Alexis, nice to meet ya. I'd shake your hand, but alas, I am but a sword."” --That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf

1-2 week turnaround time

Style options explained:

  • Flash Earrings: base studs & toppers for my magnetically buildable earring system. Comes with all you need! 
  • Bookmark: clips into your book page to save your place. Design sits on the top of your book.
  • Tumbler Topper: Fits Stanley 40oz 2.0 Quenchers. Rests lightly on top of lid.
  • Traditional Earrings: (not pictured!) option to swap out the magnetic toppers for traditional French hooks. 

One order, one tree planted

This shop proudly partners with One Tree Planted to aid the reforestation effort in Colorado. Every purchase = a donation to the cause.